A Key Supplier & solid Business Partner to meet your biggest challenges

Over 32 years experience in the aircraft & aerospace industry worldwide, led EUREP Industries to acquire solid and significant technical and commercial experiences, which provide us a leading position in the aerospace and aircraft industry.

EUREP Industries, member of the GIFAS, is one of the world’s most recognized distributors of approved aircraft and aerospace materials.

EUREP Industries guarantees you :

- Proven quality system and Quality policy, World-class quality standards & documentation
- On-time delivery to meet your tightest deadlines
- Certification such as EN/AS9120, ISO9001…
- Strong management and logistic expertise, Permanent assistance
- Long-term (LTA), international safe solutions for fast-growing business
- 5000 m2 of warehousing – Storage solution implying space reduction
- Manufacturers and partners all around the world, International solid expertise
- Blended solution such as “Kitting” solution ready for immediate use
Just in time solution (JIT)
- Direct Line Feed (DLF) services
- Bag systems, Bin to bin, kanban….
- Full parts traceability, certifications and customized labeling
- A real business planning framework for the management of material, service, increasingly complex information & cash flow & control systems

Logistic center




An international presence


Our goal is to enable our clients to :

- Competitive pricing
- Reduce your inventory and costs and consequently minimize your inventory ownership
- Minimize your shortage and stock outs
- Get On-Time delivery

We make a real difference by building an integrated partnership with our clients. The biggest Clients turn to EUREP Industries to solve operational problems through supply of new parts, reaching client’s quality requirements & savings targets.


EUREP Industries has a team from all facets of the aerospace and aircraft industries, tremendous facilities, resources and technology resulting in supply of high quality parts and service to our clients.


We transform your complex requirements into best solutions so you can focus on your core competencies.


Your satisfaction is a key of our success.



EUREP Industries

1 avenue du parc ALATA
60100 CREIL Cedex (France)
Tél. : +33 03 44 31 30 00
Fax : +33 03 44 31 30 01

EUREP Industries 1 avenue du parc ALATA 60100 CREIL Cedex (France)
Tél. : +33 03 44 31 30 00 - Fax : +33 03 44 31 30 01